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Can you measure the cost to you and your customers, if your IT system was down for a whole day?

For the small business network to operate efficiently key IT components, including servers, workstations, network components, websites and internet connections need to be working well. Your server controls access to all your email. Your server stores all of your critical data so your staff can access it. So it is vitally important to consider and address the following:

  • How do you ensure that your company data is safe and secure?
  • Did your Backup successfully complete last night?
  • Is your Anti Virus software up-to-date and protecting your systems?
  • What would you do if you couldn’t send or receive emails for a day?

In the event of a malfunction, these systems need to be fixed quickly if the business is to avoid negative impacts. To achieve fast fixes, it’s important to be notified quickly about any issues – and to get accurate and detailed information about the nature of the problem so they are fixed quickly and effectively.

RedTech Solutions' Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) Services operation is optimized to provide pro-active monitoring and maintenance of our customer’s equipment ensuring highest availability for them. Our Daily Server Safety Check service monitors backup and anti-virus status while the Daily Server Health Check monitors most important aspects of the systems to ensure that the disk space is managed, Windows Services are operating as designed and the Exchange Email Server is working as it should. Our 24/7 Real-Time Server & Network Monitoring service monitors your crucial IT systems and makes sure your server and network is up and running, and the Remote Server and Network Management service provides complete monitoring and management of servers and workstations and laptops.

Our RMM service packages provide you with the appropriate monitoring coverage you that fits your needs and your budget. You can start off with the Daily Server check service and easily upgrade the level of monitoring as your business grows. As needed, we provide quick and accurate remote and on-site support under agreed upon client service level agreements, and in fact, our technicians are measured on speed, accuracy and their communication with our customers.

Our range of ‘fixed cost’ services includes:

Servers & Networking Devices Desktop Devices
Backup and antivirus monitoring Workstation start-of-day monitoring
Start-of-day monitoring Round-the-clock workstation monitoring
Round-the-clock monitoring Pro-active workstation tuning
Backup and antivirus monitoring Backup and antivirus monitoring
Server & Network Total Care Workstation Total Care

What would you do if your staff couldn’t get access to their files for a day?

In this day and age of business at internet speed and globalization, having critical information at your fingertips when needed, is the key to running and growing a successful business. Have you quantified the loss to your business in dollar amounts and also in reputation loss if your staff was not able to access critical data when needed? How long can your business afford the downtime before it affects the bottom line.

Our customers tell us they appreciate:

  • Our excellent technical services allow them to concentrate on growing their business.
  • Less downtime as we identify and fix issues before they cause problems
  • Fewer disruptions to business as most services can be provided remotely
  • Our range of ‘fixed cost’ IT support services allows them to ‘fix’ costs relating to IT
  • Our range of services allows them to delegate different levels of responsibility for their IT systems to RedTech Solutions (as their business needs dictate).

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